Scheduled SAAB Services

Saab is a brand with a long history of innovation, performance and also driver safety. Since its beginnings in the 1930s as Svenska Aeroplan Aktiebolaget, Saab has meant quality and at JB Prestige, we want to maintain that same standard. Our service team has the expertise and professionalism to keep your Saab running efficiently with scheduled services. We schedule our services and repairs according to the Saab schedule book. Filters, fluid levels, transmission fluids, interior cabin filters , coolants and spark plugs, just to name a few, need to be repaired or even upgrades at a certain mileage to ensure fluidity and minimise engine sludge. The Saab scheduled service book differs from model to model and ensures that your Saab is getting the treatment it deserves. Your vehicle will be thoroughly checked out and scanned to diagnose any computer or software issue. Everything will be explained in plain English and any required repairs will be discussed with you before proceeding. With over 23 years of experience, we are the Saab specialists.

Complete independent SAAB workshop

The JB Prestige team loves your Saab as much as you do; it’s why we work with them every day. Our technicians are up-to-date with new technology in each model and have the latest tools on hand. From entry level Saabs to late models, JB Prestige’s staff is fully qualified and accredited to tackle everything from scheduled services to performance tuning. At JB Prestige, with over 23 years of experience, we’re dedicated to quality and reliable service.

SAAB Brake Repairs and Upgrades

Keeping your car running is one thing, stopping it is another. Even a small problem with your brakes can put your family in a dangerous situation on the road. At JB Prestige, our technicians are fully qualified and can professionally replace your disc rotors, upgrade your pads and perform machining of discs. Before you leave on your next holiday or weekend away, contact JB Prestige’s service team and we can assess your vehicle, to ensure that your brakes work and stop in a safe stopping distance. We do offer bigger brake upgrades also different brake pad material to suit your model. Contact us now!

SAAB Computer Diagnostics

The qualified service team at JB Prestige has more than 20 years’ combined experience and the latest technology at their fingertips. If the error light pops up on your dashboard, you will need to get your vehicle scanned with our diagnostic computer. JB Prestige with our knowledgeable and experienced staff and our diagnostic computer tests can asses whether to replace a faulty component or upgrade the software. Programming and software upgrades performed by our mechanics can be the lead solution for various other known issues the vehicle faces. Combined with their superior knowledge, they can diagnose and repair any faults in your Saab’s computing system. Modern vehicles rely on a fully operational computer and without the necessary electrics your car may not be running correctly. JB Prestige’s technicians will perform all the necessary scans to pinpoint the problem areas in your Saab. Whether it’s a battery replacement or something more complex, we handle each case with utmost professionalism and care for our clients.

SAAB Engine Rebuilds

JB Prestige provides state-of-the-art engine rebuilds. The engine is stripped from the vehicle, thoroughly cleaned with all sludge removed. Engine components will then be assessed in regards to the manufactures tolerance to detect if any worn out components need to be renewed. These components could be bearings, balance chains, piston rings, gaskets and seals. The JB Prestige service team has more than 20 years’ combined experience, is fully qualified and has a workshop brimming with state-of-the-art technology. Why take your Saab anywhere else?

SAAB Suspension

If your Saab isn’t negotiating those tight corners as well as it used to, steering is not as responsive as it should be, or the trip isn’t as comfortable as it once was, it’s time to get your suspension checked. Good handling and stability largely rely on how well your suspension system, ball joints and suspension bushes are operating. JB Prestige can provide state-of-the-art repairs on your vehicle’s shock absorbers and make sure your next trip is safe and comfortable. JB Prestige always aims to provide a high level of service that you can rely on and at competitive prices.

SAAB Water Pump Replacements

Summer in Australia is no laughing matter and a faulty water pump can affect your vehicle’s entire cooling system. JB Prestige’s service team is fully qualified to replace your Saab’s water pump and make sure the cooling system is functioning properly. The water pump circulates water and coolant from the engine to the radiator to keep consistent running temperatures. Pump coolants control your engine’s operating temperature for optimal performance. As coolant flows through the system, it picks up heat from the engine before arriving at the thermostat, which opens to allow hot fluid to travel to the radiator to be cooled. If the thermostat has become damaged, your Saab is at risk of overheating or worse. Don’t risk a 40-degree Aussie summer day stuck on the side of the road. Contact JB Prestige and our technicians will thoroughly check your entire cooling system and make sure it’s functioning properly. If there is a problem, our service team will repair it with the same high level of quality you can always expect from JB Prestige.

SAAB Clutch Repairs

With the aid of our dedicated technicians, shifting gears will have never felt so smooth. JB Prestige has the experience, qualifications and tools to solve all of your Saab’s clutch and gear box issues. The clutch is an essential part of your car and if you’re having any difficulty shifting gears or find yourself needing to apply more pressure on the clutch, something is not going to plan. By replacing and repairing clutch kits, pressure plates and clutch plates JB Prestige will analyse and detect the problem, ensuring that your clutch system is back on track. Our dedicated and reliable service doesn’t stop there – we will also perform after tests to make sure your Saab is working perfectly.

SAAB Performance Tuning

We all like a bit of style and extra engine performance in our cars. JB Prestige with state of the art computer software will run a variety of tests on your Saab to ensure maximum efficiency is always reached. We offer engine ECU performance upgrades, which controls boost pressure increasing turbo boost pressure to the engine also remapping of ignition and remapping of the air/fuel ratio. Our qualified technical team will give you the increased engine power performance and electronic tuning you desire. JB Prestige is equipped with all the latest electronic tuning equipment, for peace of mind knowing that your car is in the right hands. From software and intercooler upgrades to bigger turbo installations we can enhance your car. This can help to unlock the true power potential of your SAAB and even increase fuel efficiency.

SAAB Turbo repairs and replacement

Is there anything more satisfying then a Saab in prestige condition deftly responding to every push and press of the accelerator? A smoky turbo might mean your turbo is in urgent need for replacement. The accumulation of sludge in the engine is what leads engines to fail and malfunction. By applying a PCV (Positive Crankcase Ventilation) valve, helps ease the situation. The fully qualified and experienced team at JB Prestige will assess all of your turbo’s components and get it back to its best avoiding premature turbo failure. We’re here to maintain the prestige of your vehicle, giving you outstanding vehicle performance, unrivalled performance and a silky smooth ride.