Saab Mechanics Melbourne

JB Prestige provides state of the art engine repairs. Our qualified Saab Mechanics in Melbourne team has the equipment and knowledge in order to specialise in Saab engines repairs. The materials used are vital to the engines stability. It is crucial that the top ring maintains its durability as it is exposed to the combustion flame and the high pressures. Most turbocharged and high out-put engines require steel top rings and quality ball bearings to sustain and support the load and force of the engine.

It is vital to maintain your engine interiors healthy, or there could be some dysfunctions. This could mean a fuel tank leak, an injector leak, a fuel line leak, a faulty canister and even a missing petrol cap. However these cases are of high importance, whether the fuel leak is located close to the exhaust or engine, it could result in a fire and a potential loss of your vehicle. JB Prestige will also clean and “flush” your engine. This reduces smoke and harmful gases along with carbon build-up. This process ensures that both you and your car are safe and clean, meaning your new Saab is good to go!

Scheduled oil changes are imperative during the vehicles lifespan. The threat is the build-up of sludge — gooey tarlike deposits — that reduce or shut off oil circulation and can mean replacement of an engine that has seized. Adding to this is the potential carbon monoxide (CO) build up or leakage. Incomplete combustion in the engine results in carbon monoxide. This can prove dangerous to the driver’s health and to the cars maintenance.

Regular maintenance, servicing and engine repairs are critical and necessary steps to take in order to keep your car working. Engines are very hardworking components in your car and ultimately their goal is to convert fuel into motion. Basically, the engine is the core fundamental of your car, so we treat them with care to improve your on-road experience.




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