Saab Specialist Melbourne

JB Prestige offers a specialist team dealing with SAAB Repairs in Melbourne and surrounding suburbs. Our mechanics that deal with the SAAB repair service have extensive experience with SAAB vehicles ranging from entry level SAAB to late model vehicle.

At JB prestige we provide a range of repairs and services to SAAB vehicles, from minor and major services, fluids and filter replacements, through to balance chains repairs. All our service repairs are done according to SAAB manufacturing standards. Our mechanics are able to repair or replace your Saab Turbo, as well as complete engine sump clean outs. For JB prestige no SAAB work is too great or too small!

Works completed are included in your log books keeping your SAAB repair history intact.

We go through your SAAB details and re-program necessary modules to get the job done.

At JB Prestige, we can also repair or provide re-furbished SAAB Display screens. The most common problem with the display screens are pixel fading or lines running through the screens and it obscures the view. If you have any issues with your SAAB Display screen, our mechanics can refurbish it for a fraction of the cost of a brand new replacement.

Ask about our courtesy car while we look after your SAAB!

You can be rest assured that when your Vehicle is in our care, it’s in good hands.

Our SAAB Service Centre is a one stop service shop for the full range of services and repairs to keep your SAAB in prestige condition.




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