Scheduled SAAB Services

Saab is a brand with a long history of innovation, performance and also driver safety. Since its beginnings in the 1930s as Svenska Aeroplan Aktiebolaget, Saab has meant quality and at JB Prestige, we want to maintain that same standard. Our service team has the expertise and professionalism to keep your Saab running efficiently with scheduled services. We schedule our services and repairs according to the Saab schedule book. Filters, fluid levels, transmission fluids, interior cabin filters , coolants and spark plugs, just to name a few, need to be repaired or even upgrades at a certain mileage to ensure fluidity and minimise engine sludge. The Saab scheduled service book differs from model to model and ensures that your Saab is getting the treatment it deserves. Your vehicle will be thoroughly checked out and scanned to diagnose any computer or software issue. Everything will be explained in plain English and any required repairs will be discussed with you before proceeding. With over 23 years of experience, we are the Saab specialists.