SAAB Tyres

JB Prestige tyre repairs and replacements are performed by our fully qualified and accredited service team at competitive prices. Our mechanics can perform all of your regular tyre replacements and balance tests. If you’re experiencing poor acceleration, bumpiness or vibration, contact the JB Prestige service team today and we will get you back on the road as quickly as possible in a vehicle ready to tackle any surface or condition. Your Saab is a luxury vehicle, so make sure you are getting the most out of it by looking after your tyres. JB Prestige offers high quality tyre repairs and replacements without breaking the bank. Tyres play a pivotal role in your car’s stability and our extensive balancing tests will make sure your wheels are free from heavy spots. You can rely on JB Prestige for your regular tyre checks, roadworthy tests and tyre puncture repairs. Your tyres should be able to handle all conditions and road surfaces, so if you feel like your drive isn’t as smooth as it could be, contact our service team today. JB Prestige deal with state of the art tyre manufacturing companies such as Pirelli, Kumho, Michelin, Good Year and Hankook, whilst our skilled technicians will replace any faulty tyres and get you back on the road with a vehicle that is ready to tackle any surface.