SAAB Water Pump Replacements

Summer in Australia is no laughing matter and a faulty water pump can affect your vehicle’s entire cooling system. JB Prestige’s service team is fully qualified to replace your Saab’s water pump and make sure the cooling system is functioning properly. The water pump circulates water and coolant from the engine to the radiator to keep consistent running temperatures. Pump coolants control your engine’s operating temperature for optimal performance. As coolant flows through the system, it picks up heat from the engine before arriving at the thermostat, which opens to allow hot fluid to travel to the radiator to be cooled. If the thermostat has become damaged, your Saab is at risk of overheating or worse. Don’t risk a 40-degree Aussie summer day stuck on the side of the road. Contact JB Prestige and our technicians will thoroughly check your entire cooling system and make sure it’s functioning properly. If there is a problem, our service team will repair it with the same high level of quality you can always expect from JB Prestige.